Aluminium CNC Parts. Aluminium is a lightweight, non-magnetic, silver-colored metal that can be formed into almost any shape.

Properties of Aluminium

  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Good heat and electrical conductivity
  • Easily machined
  • Reflects heat and light

Aluminium CNC Parts

CNC machining allows for high volume output as well as rapid prototyping. CNC machining uses computers to guide machinery and tools during the manufacturing process. Once a CNC machine is started, all cuts and movements are controlled by the software. There is no hands-on maneuvering of the tools, which helps reduce manufacturing overhead and prevents accidents.

Anodized Aluminum CNC parts

Many industries use CNC machining, including aerospace, electronics, metalwork, production, transportation, agriculture, automotive, construction, oil and gas, and more.

Advantages Of CNC Machining Services
CNC machining services at XingDa have many advantages for product development that can make it the ideal solution not only for rapid prototyping but also for volume production. Here is what you should consider.

  • Quick removal of large amounts of metal as well as plastic resins
  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • Excellent for making complex geometries
  • Suitable for many different kinds of substrates
  • Scalable volumes from one to 1000+
  • Low investment in tooling and preparation cost
  • Fast turnaround
  • Parts are full-strength and can be put into service immediately
  • Excellent surface finishes
  • Easily customized

CNC milling and CNC turning are different processes. One big difference is that turning is primarily used for making cylindrical components while milling can be used for various shaped parts.

CNC Milling
CNC milling services at XingDa CNC use multi-axis machine tools controlled with UG software. High-speed milling is ideal for creating prismatic shapes and complex geometries in a variety of brasses, mild and stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, and rigid plastic.

Aluminium CNC Parts

CNC Turning
XingDa CNC’s CNC turning services employ high-speed turning centers. We routinely turn brass, aluminum, mild, and stainless steel as well as rigid plastic. Our CNC turning services create complex external geometries and internal bores with very tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes. CNC turning is suitable for rapid prototypes, new product introduction, and low-volume production.

CNC Turned Parts

CNC Machining Materials

Metals Plastics
Aluminum ABS
Brass Acetal
Copper HDPE
Stainless Steel Nylon
Steel Alloy PMMA
Titanium Polycarbonate

CNC Machining Tolerances

Our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine and for plastics, DIN-2768-1-medium. Tolerances are greatly affected by part geometry and type of material. We will consult with you on every part of your project and will seek to provide the highest degree of precision possible.

Surface finish

Our finishing services include:

  • Anodizing
  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Laser engraving
  • Etching
  • Polishing


From 1 to 1000+

We can handle machining projects of all sizes, ranging from single prototypes to thousands of machined parts.

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